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Should I be worried about a crack in crown moulding?

By August 20, 2019 12 Comments
Should I be worried about a crack in crown moulding?

I have a newly built house that’s roughly one year old. I just saw this crack in the crown moulding between my ceiling and the wall. The crack does not go past the moulding.

Should I be worried about this? House is still under warranty so wondering if I should get it repaired or if it’s just cosmetic and expected.

Crack in moulding

Edit: thanks guys, apparently the paint just cracked between two pieces!

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  • sarahspins says:

    That isn’t a crack, it’s a join between two prices of trim. It seems like your trim was not painted after installation?

  • gagraham760 says:

    You’re completely fine. Just two pieces of trim
    joined together. Sometimes the paint recedes and the crack gets exposed. Either repaint, or install white caulk and you’ll be good to go. Maximum $10 fix.

  • YOU_WONT_LIKE_IT says:

    Dude, get out now! You house is coming down!

    Nah just kidding. Fill it and forget it.

  • frumpyshanta says:

    Personally I think it was installed incorrectly. This is a butt joint and it to be installed properly the installers would have used a scarf joint at a 22.5deg angle. Using some CA glue on the joint would make it never show up.

    Source: home owner currently installing crown molding in house to replace a prior owners crappy work, including but joints.

    Here is a link showing how I did mine. https://youtu.be/LaJTC5kRhkI

  • 123InSearchOf123 says:

    I see this if the moldings are not acclimated before going up. Not a biggie but will require a small amount of attention. Latex caulk and a bit of paint will get you there.

  • jacko9six says:

    This is a scarf joint, the molding expands and contracts with temperature changing causing it to crack, completely normal, unless the trim carpenter glues his joints, like I do.
    Best way to fix this, instead of just caulk, put construction adhesive in the crack, make smooth as possible, sand if needed, then caulk, then paint and it’ll never re-crack. (just caulking will definitely re-crack)

  • Snow_Wolfe says:

    People are saying caulk it, i’d go with color putty. A lot less messy, especially considering it’s such a small crack to fill.

  • erikcantu says:

    That is the seam of two trim boards together by the installer. Normal.

    The wood shrunk a bit since construction. Normal.

    Add a bit a bit of stretchy caulk for trim and repaint it.

  • whynothate2014 says:

    Just need to fill

  • jaylek says:

    Just dont smoke it and you’ll be fine.

  • nobody2000 says:

    Since your house is new, it’s settling still, and the join between two pieces of molding shifted slightly. No big deal – this is the area of the molding that had the least strong connection to anything (just paint), so that’s a likely spot to have this happen.

    You should expect to see all sorts of cracks in the upcoming months, typically on large sheets of drywall. This is normal, and your builder should be able to just stop by and touch up these spots, provided you have some sort of warranty (many have a 1-2 year warranty, depending on the builder).

  • 401Nailhead says:

    Looks like the joint were two pieces were joined.

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