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Shower head not working? Link to video clip

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Shower head not working? Link to video clip

Shower head suddenly stopped working???

I turned on my shower yesterday and it ran for a solid 10 seconds before suddenly just cutting out. The shower head itself is pretty clean. I have a handheld shower head that is connected by hose to the bath tap/diverter thing which still puts out water the same pressure as usual. When I close it off no water comes out anywhere and it doesn’t even really sound like it’s running, even though the knob is on. Nothing comes through the tap/diverter at all unless I push down the thingy to switch it to bathtub mode. Any clue what happened here?

I soaked it in vinegar and then in clr and I’m still not getting anything

[post clr and vinegar soaks](https://imgur.com/gallery/1o70Emu)

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