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Sinking House – What are my options?

By June 5, 2019 5 Comments

I bought a home just over 4 years ago. I was in a rush and a first time home buyer. I noticed some settling issues, but didn’t know the extent, and somehow it passed appraisal, when the inspector said it was highly unlikely it would.


Fast forward to now. The issue doesn’t seem any worse to me but I do believe its moving and I worry that something catastrophic could happen and I’ll be in a terrible spot.


1. What is the best option for either stopping the movement or reversing it?
2. How do I afford such an expensive operation with not much cash on hand?
3. Should I consider taking even money for it if I can sell it?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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  • coletain says:

    1. hire an engineer, there is no other option
    2. HELOC or 2nd mortgage
    3. Probably, or you could be over-reacting. The engineer from 1) will be able to tell you.

  • moody330 says:

    Ohio masonry contractor, All new homes settle, for a lot of different reasons! Post some pictures of your concerns and you will get a lot of solid advice!

  • bosphotos says:

    New or old home?

  • scotje says:

    There are foundation repair contractors that specialize in this kind of work. It’s not cheap but they often have financing options.

    We had one come up recently to give us a free quote on stabilizing/lifting one corner of our house that has experienced about 1″ more settlement than the rest due to a past issue with drainage in that area. Estimate was about $17k to install 6 “helical piers” down to bedrock to stabilize that area. Like I said, pretty expensive but there are solutions if you otherwise would like to stay in the house.

  • decaturbob says:

    – hire an engineer

    wait on their assessment, chill

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