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So, this happened…

By October 2, 2019 One Comment
So, this happened...


This was the light switch for my attic. The top half was the switch and the bottom was a light that would shine so you know the lights up there were on. It had 4 screws, two on each side. Heavy black wire going to the top left screw, heavy white wire going to the top right screw and a very thin yellow and black wire going to the bottom left screw. The bottom right screw had nothing in it.

I bought a new regular switch (one of the decorative flat paddle style ones if that’s important) and put the wires back in the same position, so the two on the left and the one white wire on the green screw on the right hand side. Nothing works, so obviously it’s different. Is the little tiny wire the ground?

I opened up one of the other wall switches since it was on the same breaker and it only has two wires, a black and a white, so that doesn’t tell me anything.

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One Comment

  • OldFashionMarine says:

    If I’m reading this right….your gonna move the white wire to the OTHER screw on the side the black wire is. Separate and wire nut the 2 skinny wires separate of each other……as though there is 2 extra wires. The green screw is for a ground wire which it doesn’t sound like you have.

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