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Suspended ceiling options

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Suspended ceiling options

I currently have a basement with a suspended ceiling and it was a poorly done job. I’ve done some investigation and would like to install the costco/homedepot embassy ceiling ([https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZITWD3?ref=dp_vse_pc1](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZITWD3?ref=dp_vse_pc1)) to add ceiling height and make it look better. I have two roadblocks to installing this:

1. They have a central vac pipe running underneath the joints. This takes up about 4 inches of space below the joists. Could I get a professional to run that pipe through the joist? I don’t use the central vac, so I’ve debated removing the pipe all together if the cost was too high. The embassy suspended ceiling only gives you about an inch of space underneath the joist (from what I’ve read).
2. There’s a corner of the ceiling where the joists are 5 inches higher than the rest of the roof (close to a window). What are my options to handle the ceiling height change? I was thinking I could have that part dry walled in, or is there an easier option?

Here are photos of the ceiling height change:




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