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Thoughts on using macerator/ejector/sewage pump to plumb new bathroom in house on slab foundation?

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Pretty much, these are typically used in basements to pump sewage up to sewage line.

For context, we live in California in an old house. We actually don’t know how old it is, as the only record the city has on it is that it was renovated in the 60’s. The house is a single story on a slab foundation. We want to add a bathroom to an existing (add-on) large room in a location approx 30 ft away from the nearest sewage connection. Digging to add in sewer line isn’t really feasible due to need to cut through multiple rooms, plus we aren’t confident we’ll be able to have the sloping we need if we dig a line.

We are looking into using a macerator pump to basically pump sewage up into attic to connect back down to sewage line. We have a contractor friend that did this for a company that was desperate for a bathroom in inconvenient location, so we know it’s not completely unheard of.

We’d really like some opinions from you pros out there though! Having trouble finding info on this online.

Thanks for your time!

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