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Tile job advice

By August 16, 2019 7 Comments
Tile job advice

I posted about a tile job [here recently](https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeImprovement/comments/cgimxe/tile_underlayment_contractor_quote/)… Now the tiles in, it’s somewhat less than ideal. I have [some pictures here](https://imgur.com/a/9qUTsdx).

The transition to the wood floor is bad and there are a lot of lips in tiles. I’ve taken pics of a few, they’re higher than the thickness of a quarter in a lot of spots. There are also crooked cuts around some of teh cabinets (forgot to get pics of these).

Contractor tells me the lippage is fine, that it’s a pretty good tile install. The transition he admits isn’t great, blames the wood floor (although I had a perfectly straight/neat/clean transition there before). He wants to put a strip of wood over the top of the transition and shoe molding around teh cabinets. The shoe molding I’d be fine with, but I don’t want a raise wood strip where I didn’t have one before. I also don’t want tile lips poking up everywhere…

So, I have a tile job I’m not super happy with. Do these pics look ok or am I being reasonable in thinking this isn’t good enough?

My question is what now? Contractor insists it’s all fine, doesn’t want to do anything. Should I get another tile professional in to quote me on actually doing it flat/level with clean transitions? Do I withhold some payment from the contractor? Not sure how best to deal with this, appreciate any advice.

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  • Mattistics says:

    Did the contractor sub out the tile work?

    Did the tile workers use a tile leveling system?

    What does the contract say?

    If you are not happy then don’t pay. Just know that it will create another set of problems if you choose this route.

  • carnevoodoo says:

    That’s pretty sloppy. I wouldn’t be happy with that at all.

  • distantreplay says:

    You should refer to TCNA and CTEF for more information about tile installation standards in ANSI.
    For non-rectified rectilinear tile the correct grout joint size should be three times the variation in facial dimension to control for alignment. For running bond patterns in rectilinear non-rectified tile with any dimension greater than 15″ the grout joint should begin at 3/16″ min, and should be increased by the amount of warpage on the longest edge to control for lippage.

    Those appear to be undersized grout joints for the type of tile and pattern selected. If your tile is non-rectified and you or your installer specified an undersized grout joint you may have no recourse. But otherwise there are some alignment defects, especially along highly visible exposed edges, that should not be tolerated.

  • tjohn2018 says:

    Tile guy here. I’m at no means defending him. Some porcelain tiles, not all that come in 12 x 24 does have a warp to it. Meaning if you choose the the running bond(brick pattern) or 1/3 offset, there will not be a perfectly flat plane. One can get close but it won’t be perfect.

    Leveling out the floor helps too. And trying to determine to what to go off of for being square with the room.

  • Duck_Giblets says:

    I’m also taking a turnabout from what was said yesterday, your new photos tell a whole lot more about what’s going on.

    The lippy tiles are not acceptable and should be repaired, crooked cuts do fall inside acceptable tolerance, he should caulk around the edges of the install, and wood floor /tile junction can be hidden with a transition bar

  • soundslikemold says:

    Needs to be repaired. If correcting the areas where you have the blue tape would be enough to make you happy, I tell him he has one chance to correct it at his expense or you will deduct the cost of repairs from the balance. If it is a tear out, that is a harder issue to deal with. A nice custom oak transition could cover the ugly cuts and look nice. We cut them all the time to deal with uneven floors meeting. Just takes a few minutes and a tables saw.

  • arizona-lad says:

    Calling /u/decaturbob, /u/mtflyguy26, /u/philmoore14, /u/rahchachany, /u/cursedsun and /u/upstateduck…….

    What say you about this tile installation?

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