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Trying to polish my turd of a big old farm house. Help me pick siding color.

By August 20, 2019 28 Comments
Trying to polish my turd of a big old farm house. Help me pick siding color.

Bought this farm house and we just decided the siding on it was crap and needed replaced.

We are doing a wrap around porch on the front long sides of the house, and putting an attached garage on the back/side of the house as well.


I can only picture the house as being white, but people keep telling me to do a medium gray with white trim. What’s everyone’s opinions?

TLDR: what color siding would you put on our house?

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  • figilly says:

    Is that a historic house? Maybe see if you can find old pictures of the house and try to match what the color was (probably a creamy white).

  • Trauma_Burn_RN says:

    I love blue farm house, both tealish and dark blue. Paired up with a tin roof is absolutely beautiful

  • trianglefacedman says:


  • mdp928 says:

    Please no grey! Grey is the color of flip homes, anymore. And people who watch a lot of HGTV but don’t have a lot of design sense. Harsh maybe, but grey has saturated the market and it’ll look outdated sooner rather than later. That house is too beautiful and classic to get the Joanna Gaines flip look!

    *I didn’t realize I would offend so many people. You all realize I’m not personally attacking *your* home…right?

  • amoosebooche says:

    I would definitely keep the white. Gray is a trendy flipper color that is already going out.

  • beaushaw says:

    Old farmhouses want to be white. This is because old farmers were cheap and white paint was the cheapest paint.

    It does need a little pop of color. Red doors or something.

    Have you tried looking under the siding to see what color it is under there?

    Beautiful house by the way.

  • LLLLLdLLL says:

    White is absolutely best. Grey has been the ‘it’ color, that is why it is recommended to you by so many people irl.
    But it is not pretty (looks like concrete from a distance), already going out of style and just drab. You want your house to be light and airy, not depressed and outdated.
    Any of the other suggestions in the comments are great too (blue, red doors, historic color etc) but please not grey.

    I don’t even know you or your house and yet had an instant ‘noooooo’ reaction about this, lol.

  • mellamma says:

    My former high school which is the oldest wooden structure got new siding and the new school put up gray so long gone are the uniformly looking old school buildings. I’d stick with white.

  • tubadude2 says:

    White suits that type of house.

  • frevensakes says:

    Your house is beautiful.

    It looks like a wedding cake. Keep it that way, or punch it up a bit with black trim and a red door.

    [Snazzy white farmhouse](https://st.hzcdn.com/fimgs/6d71a9d60a81ebec_6710-w312-h312-b0-p0–farmhouse-exterior.jpg)

  • Mister2112 says:

    My vote is for dark blue with white trim, like this:


    That landscape really leaves you alone to do what you want. You could also do bright jewel tones of your choice, too.

  • ThePaleMare2 says:

    I know i’ll be an outlier, but i vote rusty orange with cream colored trim. I think it would look beautiful in that landscape.

  • 8yrLurker says:

    Hire a color consultant from Sherwin Williams. It cost $100, but you get a $50 gift card. They will look at anything to do with colors, including vinyl siding. They spent 1-1/2 hours with my wife looking at siding and trim. We are extremely pleased. Money well spent in my opinion.

  • killrickykill says:

    Your house is the perfect farm house color, just need black framed windows and a standing seam roof (if a roof is in order)

  • japaneseknotweed says:

    Primrose yellow.

    (the pale spring flower kind, not evening)

    Farmhouses want to be white, yellow, or red. Grey is for suburbs and reality TV.

    And that is not a turd, that’s a nice old house with some clunky history and a bunch of make-do choices, but that’s what humans are like, you know? That’s a a nice human house. Be nice to it.

    ALSO: think about what you’re going to plant around it before you settle on a color!

  • SARASA05 says:

    Sometimes it’s not about the color you want or like for a house, but the type of color appropriate for the style and time period of a building. This house is white. You can’t go wrong with white. Grey is/will be dated. Any other color would become dated. Because “white” is the traditional color of your house, it will always look “correct.” Imagine this white house in any season. It’ll always look lovely. Just keep it power washed.

  • scamper9194 says:

    My 1869’s farmhouse is a light creamy yellow with wide white trim and shutters. I’m thinking about Hardie board to cover the old wood, but keeping the color the same.

  • madscot63 says:

    I sell paint, graygraygraygrayGRAY paint. That said, I really like your house the way it is. It’s crisp and correct. Your house isn’t ornate, its straightforward. Bolder colors may look out of place without the architectural detail to support them. You could add some interest with the trim (even gray) and a blue or teal toned entry door. Just my thought, have fun!

  • nolahoff says:

    Thats a beautiful house brother

  • ratsocks says:

    I vote for sticking with white and going with a colorful front door.

  • CatastrophicLeaker says:

    I feel like you would benefit just as much with nice landscaping. Coneflower and native sedges would look nice

  • tbscotty68 says:

    I think that the color scheme should be appropriate to the environment and your environment appears to be green and yellow…

  • Thracka951 says:

    I would go with white with black trim and black shutters. Awesome combination on old construction like that especially. Maybe grey/white for the deck.

  • IncipientFury says:

    White with black trim is the modern looking farmhouse nowadays. Others in the thread are right that medium gray with white trim is already over done and losing its appeal.

  • kiminley says:

    I think white is the way to go. Nothing nicer than a classic white farmhouse.

  • AL309 says:

    Benjamin Moore has a whole line of colors that are specifically tagged historical. I think they have books with recommended color combinations as well.

  • awwaygirl says:

    I say keep the white, but update the trim with a pop of color. I think a green would be pretty, or grey?

  • sometimesineedhelp says:

    Wait, an *attached* garage?! You’re going to cover some of those windows?! Noooooooo, go with detached please.

    Also, white. Don’t be crazy.

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