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Washing Machine Ground Bypassed – Dangerous?

By August 20, 2019 4 Comments

I was visiting a friend and was in their basement (a house built in the 40s). Noticed their washing machine plug (a 3-prong) has an adapter with the ground broken off so it can plug into the home’s ancient 2-prong outlet. Is this dangerous? If so, what is dangerous about it? And what’s the proper fix?

[3-prong bypassing ground into 2-prong](https://m.imgur.com/gallery/oBBDQXL)

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  • pogidaga says:

    Dangerous. If a wire comes lose inside and touches the chassis, it will make the chassis “hot”. Anybody touching it will get a zap. The ground plug is tied to the chassis so it can’t become “hot” if the ground is connected properly.

  • MoreCoffeeMoreCoffee says:

    The correct, simple answer is yes. If they are going to use that adapter then they should connect the little tab on it to a ‘ground’ source.

    Quantifying the amount of danger is more difficult. If there are zero faults in the wiring of the washing machine and none ever develop, then the risk is nearly non-existent.

    The difficulty is that you have a machine that moves that can damage wiring over time, electrified parts that can fail, lots of metal and lots of water.

    It comes down to the risk of fault/failure is pretty low until it’s not and then it becomes a possible death trap.

    The more correct fix would be to get a grounded circuit run and install a GFCI outlet.

  • Somebody_somewhere99 says:

    This is the most important appliance to make sure that is wired correctly, Water and electricity don’t mix!

  • LateralThinker13 says:

    I’ve been electrified by a washing machine before. If you had, you wouldn’t be asking the question. You don’t want that.

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