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Washing machine moved and is blocking the door

By October 9, 2019 41 Comments
Washing machine moved and is blocking the door

I’m not sure which sub to post this in, but hopefully you guys can help. My washing machine decided to go ballistic and moved several inches forward while running. The laundry room door was closed and now the washing machine is blocking me from being able to open the door more than about an inch. All I can fit through the door is my hand and a broom. I’ve tried pushing the machine back with the broom but had no luck. I would just remove the door from its hinges but they’re on the other side and I can’t open the door wide enough to access the screws. Here are some photos: [https://imgur.com/a/fxYBoPW](https://imgur.com/a/fxYBoPW)

What can I do? Is my only solution destroying the door?

Update: Thanks everyone! I wasn’t expecting this to blow up so much. I managed to get the door open by using the end of the broomstick to start the cycle again. Once the washer started moving during the spin cycle, I used the other end of the broomstick to push it back but still couldn’t get the door open on my own. Once my boyfriend got home, we waited for the spin cycle to start again and I had him push it back with the broom while I used my entire body to push the door through. This is something we’ll be laughing about for a while.

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  • bbluez says:

    Reach in and start it. When it gets to the spin cycle, gently push it back.

  • Zmoibe says:

    If you can get something under the machine you may be able to leverage it against the floor and move it like that. The center of gravity on a washing machine is typically lower to the ground because of all the pump and spinning equipment down below. There might even be feet on the bottom and you could notch a 1×4 to try and push it back from the foot.

  • SpecialProduce says:

    Would pushing with something stronger than a broom help? A pry bar or anything like a sturdy ‘T’ shape might help get more force spread across the machine. Tough one though!

    Edit: something like this: [https://www.homedepot.com/p/Stanley-12-in-Wonder-Bar-Pry-Bar-55-515K/100093815](https://www.homedepot.com/p/Stanley-12-in-Wonder-Bar-Pry-Bar-55-515K/100093815) might be able to rotate it a bit counterclockwise so you can open the door more…

    and if it doesn’t, it’ll come in handy for destroying the door!

  • bklynboyz says:

    This is too funny –

  • Billsrealaccount says:

    I just gotta say this is hilarious.

  • bigrude405 says:

    I thought shit like this only happened to me.

  • hellyeahbrother123 says:

    you poor soul, I thought only my luck was this bad. sawsall the hinges?

  • shortyjacobs says:

    That second picture is golden. It looks like it’s staring you down.

  • nontastic says:

    Jack from your car.

  • mmiller1188 says:

    I had something similar happen a few years ago. I put the cats in the bath room while I was doing some work. They managed to open the closet door against the bathroom door handle. Couldn’t get into the bathroom. Had to break in through the wall in the laundry room.

  • unclericko74 says:

    Can you open the door enough to pop the hinge pins??

  • mmiller1188 says:

    How much of a gap is under the door? Are you able to get a prybar under and move it? Harbor freight has a 5 foot parybar that might fit if you have a 1” gap.


    Otherwise I would think about popping the trim off of the frame and trying to unscrew the hinges.

  • yubbie2 says:

    Cut a hole for a doggie door. Note: you may need to adopt a dog afterwards.

  • manofthewild07 says:

    You can’t just get something sturdy, like a pole, and push it? Right there in the second photo, where the logo is, push against that back part towards the wall…

    Maybe get a second pole or piece of wood that is short enough to fit under the machine, and a 2nd person can push at the same time against the back left foot of the machine.

  • 38wizard47 says:

    Cutting a hole in the wall next to the door may be the significantly cheaper option. Some topping mud, tape, and texture in a can is way cheaper than a door. When you get in, strap the washing machine to the wall like you would a water heater.

  • Devils_-_Advocate says:

    Thinking outside the box here.

    Can you take the door handle apart, and get the lock out? If so, you might be able to use the hole in the door along with a STRONG wooden broom or a good prybar and push the washer back that way.

  • tyttuutface says:

    Try shoving *really* hard on the door with your whole body. Having a friend might help.

  • Omap says:

    Is there a window to the laundry room? climb in window?

  • 4br4c4d4br4 says:

    You may be able to use another person as a brace and then gently but with great strength of feet / great feat of strength shove the door and thus the washer enough to where you can get through the door.

  • mattluttrell says:

    FWIW firemen love this stuff.

    It beats saving fat or drunk people.

    Edit: I’m serious. They will help.

  • turbo_time says:

    How big is the gap under the door? I think some flat iron stock would be strong enough to push it back into place. Maybe you could cover the right-hand side of the doorframe with a sacrificial block of wood and lever against it.

  • TheTim says:

    If you use a broom or something similar to push against the top it is likely to just tip instead of scoot, since you’re pushing above the center of gravity.

    What I would try is getting down on the floor and use the broom to reach *under* the washer and try to push against the back foot directly. Since this is below the center of gravity it should scoot back.

    If the broom is too thick to go under, find something thinner. Worst case you could buy a long piece of rebar or similar at your local hardware store.

  • squirrelsoup_57 says:

    Break down door, replace with pocket door

  • PippyLongSausage says:

    This is almost as good as the r/askengineers post about how to remove a plate stuck in the bottom of a pot.

  • x86_64Ubuntu says:

    A good friend of mine had something else of his get stuck behind a door. [He was able to use household tools to get through the door](https://images2.minutemediacdn.com/image/upload/c_crop,h_1279,w_2274,x_0,y_133/f_auto,q_auto,w_1100/v1554739619/shape/mentalfloss/55893-warner_home_video3.jpg)

  • Keyser_Kaiser_Soze says:

    I have seen suggestions that do not give enough advice on how to use the pry bar.
    Use the larger door gap to introduce a piece of wood that will fit across both of the leveling feet. You definitely will have to use the smaller under door gap to arrange this.
    Then lay a 2×4 parallel to the door against the bathroom base trim to the right of the door. Use this as the fulcrum for a pry bar or sturdy piece that can fit under the door.
    Given the proper lever length and fulcrum location you should be able to move anything.

  • mechanicalpulse says:

    > What can I do? Is my only solution destroying the door?

    Maybe not entirely. If you end up resorting to demolition, try cutting the door in half perfectly horizontally about an in above the doorknob. Then once you climb in and get everything moved back, pull out your woodworking tools and see about turning the door into a dutch door. Not only do you fix your current issue without destroying the door, you’ve protected yourself in the event that it happens again in the future. And you have a neat dutch door.

  • BrunoJacuzzi says:

    1. Remove the door trim.
    2. Use a reciprocating saw with metal cutting blade between the jamb and the framing to cut the nails holding it in.
    3. Remove the entire pre-hung door.

  • elbyl says:

    Go low and go flat. Instead of pushing against the instrument panel, try to push on the back foot of the washer. A meter stick, or long piece of door trim or rip a piece of plywood.

  • Ridikiscali says:

    I am laughing my ass off at this. That second photo is fucking hilarious!

  • xander_man says:

    Some people are suggesting taking a saw to the door or hinges- don’t do that. Follow this method and you shouldn’t have to replace anything.

    Pry the trim away from around the door on the bathroom side to reveal the gap between the door frame and stud. The gap will have wooden wedges and small gauge nails holding the frame to the stud- cut right through these with a reciprocating saw. The whole door and frame should now come right out but you might need to pull it off the trim on the other side. When you want to put the door back, just follow instructions online for installing a “pre-hung door”.

  • PrettyGoodTime says:

    Maybe this is too late to help but when the repair man came to fix a warrantee issue with my washing machine he asked to borrow my Windex. Then he sprayed it liberally all over the floor and the thing practically glided out of its spot in the laundry closet. He sprayed it behind to move it back it, and told me that’s how he usually does it so he doesn’t ruin the flooring.
    My suggestion would be windex under it after turning it on to get it walking again and then give it a hefty push. If you need to pick up a dollar spray bottle to put the windex in that has a stream option… should be able to spray it 5 or so feet. Good luck and try not to slip.

  • DixieWreckt says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this already but the little feet at the bottom of the washer can spin to adjust them up or down. Using these feet to ensure they are all contacting the ground with firm weight and that the washer is level will help mitigate how much the washer “walks”. It can also help reduce vibration extending the life of your washer.

  • msarama says:

    Just FYI… There are rubber shock absorbers for washing machines you can put under the feet to keep this from happening again. Glad you got it resolved. Thanks for the laugh… Totally something I think would happen to me with my luck

  • kmicicc says:

    Now that you’ve got this solved, double check that the machine is level. Our installers didn’t bother leveling properly and we had terrible vibrations. Put the level to it, adjusted with the screws on the feet, and problem solved.

  • Rumcake256 says:

    I’m glad you got it open. Now it’ll just be a funny story to remind yourselves of for the future!

  • saml01 says:

    This thread will go down in r/homeimprovement bestof along side the load bearing refrigerator, the blue rubber mulch and the stripper pole support column

  • caliaxs says:

    I would’ve gone “here’s Johnny” on that door

  • PJenningsofSussex says:

    A lot easier to repair drywall than a door.

  • rbevans says:

    This is some shit you’d see in a sitcom on ABC.

  • chipnshatter says:

    Sadly this is not the first time I have seen this. I removed the trim around the door. This exposed the door frame. Take a reciprocating saw and cut the nails holding the frame in the wall. Door is now free. Move dryer put in a stip for said dryer. Took me a few days to figure it out. Redo the door and trim. Finish.

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