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What is this fuzzy white stuff found under built in drawers. 1940’s house being renovated.

By July 22, 2019 8 Comments
What is this fuzzy white stuff found under built in drawers. 1940’s house being renovated.

Was taking out drawers in a built-in to paint and am puzzled about what this fuzzy white stuff could be. It seems so excessive to be mold. Area shown is about 2 feet x 2 feet. Soft and just crumbles when touched.


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  • SwoodyBooty says:

    Idk what the hell that might be. Maybe cocaine, may be some hazardous stuff.

    I’d suggest you leave the room, don’t touch it. If you did, wash your hands and wait for some kind stranger to tell you what it is. It’s from the 40’s so it might be some trendy asbestos stuff.

  • Willynilly1993 says:

    Looks like white mold to me. 80 years is a long time so i’m not surprised it built up and looks puffy. From what I read it isn’t too much of a concern to remove unless you have allergies or asthma. I would wear a mask and then scrape up what you can and throw it away. Once the bulk of it is gone you could spray a little bleach on the affected areas and let it soak in just a little to kill any active mold.

  • milkman6453 says:

    I don’t think fungus would grow like that and flake apart. Looks like old dried baking soda. Maybe there was a funny smell so they poured a ton back there

    Shop vac it up with a hepa filter

  • Djsimba25 says:

    Sme.. smell it…

  • blacklassie says:

    Maybe a bunch of old moth balls that degraded over time? What’s strange is that it’s so white. You’d think that anything under there for that long would have had some dust and dirt settled on it.

    Edit: looking at the second picture, I can see now that there does appear to be dust on it. Strange either way.

  • TheFoxKing5 says:

    I would post it to /r/WhatIsThisThing

  • TootsNYC says:

    Could it be boric acid? I’ve dusted it in exactly that sort of space to kill roaches.

    It looks too puffy, though


  • BasicBrewing says:

    Is it hard? Almost looks like crystals in the pictures?

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