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What projects are you working on this Memorial Day weekend?

By May 24, 2019 33 Comments

Most of us have an extra day off of work this weekend (sorry for those stuck working Monday). If you’re like most homeowners, that means extra time to complete projects around the house!

Personally, I’m taking the extra time to get some yard work done. Have a lot of bushes to trim back and rip out of the ground, and need to get some edging put in around the flower beds. Planning on putting close to 20 bags of mulch in this weekend, and not looking forward to one minute of it.

What about you /r/homeimprovement, what projects do you have slated for this weekend?

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  • jbrooko says:

    Lots of yardwork as well. Launching new plan of attack against thistle weeds, weeding everywhere else, laying mulch, edging beds, eagerly awaiting the blooms on my massive peonies, and reconfiguring a bed.

  • MikesSoftCider says:

    Yard work, we have a ghetto fire pit the previous owners made that we are disassembling, need to paint a couple rooms, and I want to clear out my .89 car garage.

  • x86_64Ubuntu says:

    Yardwork, and I’m going to see if I can get a small woodsplitting awl and remove a tree stump that is near my crawlspace.

  • V0RT3XXX says:

    Replace a couple 20 yr old air ducts that are falling apart. Put in a moisture sensor/shutoff valve for the old AC unit so it won’t wreck the attic

  • 0110010001100010 says:

    Raised flower beds for a vegetable garden. I have all the lumber/screws/tools, just need to get off my lazy ass and get them built.

    Probably play with the 3D printer too but that’s not really related to home improvement. 😀

  • lost5556 says:

    Refinishing a dining room table that’s been in my wife’s family for several decades. Sanded it last weekend, staining and sealing it this weekend.

  • hyperlyteman1 says:

    Going to my father in laws house with my brother in law to split and stack the 3 oak trees we cut down in his yard last week. It is a shit load of wood. I am taking some home.

  • censored24 says:

    New laundry units were delivered today for a new upstairs laundry closet.

    Starting/finishing tile in hall bathroom. Got rid of fiberglass surround. Plumbing is done, tub is in, Durock is hung.

    Punch list on basement bathroom half bath turned into full. Just sealed the tile. Need to touch up paint, hang the mirror, towel hooks and finish wiring the fan.

    Paint the exterior walls of laundry closet and in turn rest of house grey from a dated yellow. Living room only has 2 walls thankfully (brick wall and open to dining room). Dining room and hall surrounding laundry closet.

    Finally move the toilet over and install a vanity where the old laundry units were behind kitchen to make way for future walk in pantry.

    Seems like a lot but I’ve got help and I’m also off all next week. The 3 mentioned projects, laundry closet, basement bathroom and hall bathroom all started 3 weeks ago and weren’t worked on daily. We’re getting there! Ready for a little less dust.

  • bizeesheri says:

    Started painting my kitchen island cabinets, recently finished all the other cabinets. Also helping a friend prep for exterior painting, and a couple other jobs she needs help with. Install some solar fence lights. I already get Friday’s off, so a nice 4 day’r.

  • dromio05 says:

    Front door hasn’t been quite right since I took the hinges off to clean paint off them. With warmer, humid weather now it’s really starting to stick. I’ll be trying to get that adjusted. Then I’ll be building more drawers for the bed Wife requested.

  • shaneqi says:

    Assembling a gazebo.

  • MommaGonnaCallYouOut says:

    Ripping off my old deck railing and installing a Verticable railing. Wanted glass but we thought it’d be easier to shovel the snow right off the deck through the cable, rather than over the glass.

  • pokedbz1691 says:

    Getting the pool ready, crap ton of yardwork, pressure-washing the house, installing privacy screens on the pool deck, and helping my parents install kitchen cabinets. Busy weekend but happy not to be traveling with traffic on the east coast.

  • Gill_P_R says:

    Relaxing… I don’t close on the new place for another month or two… still renting #apartmentdepot

  • benfranklyblog says:

    I’m building a desk in my office closet, lots of mulching, trying to clean up the back of my property line from lots of bushes and overgrowth

  • RopeBurnsAnCuffMarks says:

    Cleaning glass out of my garbage disposal :/

  • Thracka951 says:

    Finishing a full basement gut, stripping out the old (insanely wasteful) wiring and hang up some temporary fixtures. I need it empty so I can start replacing the old cast iron pipes for efficiency (going to PEX manifold with homeruns and programmable TRVs) and to simplify the ceiling. Once it’s empty I’ll set up my gym equipment.

    Saving the basement remodeling portion as a winter project, but want to get into the plumbing over the summer when I can shut off that zone.

    If I have space left in the dumpster I’ll dig up the rest of the stumps in the yard and get rid of some outside debris while I’m at it (I have off through Wednesday).

  • bikemancs says:

    Well, I almost spend $400 at Lowe’s so, i better be doing something. Seriously going after some weeds and stuff growing in the rock bed. Going to try to work out the new outlet layout in the garage and some lighting too… unfortunately it’s going to be about 100F in there… so, this could suck.

  • KCB5 says:

    Installing 800 sqft of hardwood flooring. It’s my first time. Hope there’s no big issues.

  • AU_Thach says:

    Packing for the move to my new house next week. Part of that is taking down security cams, zigbee sensors, a couple of nice lights and fans we didn’t include. So kinda anti home improvement right now… but the new house has a list of things I want to do.

    Lots of yard work:
    Drain extenders
    French drain
    Pressure wash deck
    Plant something to soften the look of the deck
    Verify they have an irrigation system and it works. Forgot about this during inspection.

    Rooms aren’t colors we want so yep lots of painting this summer

    Swing Set:
    Build some box/area for a nice swing set. My child has requested one and her grandfather agreed. She wants this fancy one and he said sure… but he is only gonna pay for the swing set not the prep… so yep DIY baby.

    Install the lights and fans I harvested from old house
    Clean up the wiring closet
    Convert phone back to Cat5e RJ45.

    Trying to get 99% of this done in 3 or 4 months. Fall is always busy and winter slows. Most are critical or easy stuff outside that damn swing set. It’s not critical to the house but the kid thinks it’s the most important thing.

  • KingOfUproar says:

    Pretty much redoing my 15×20 foot deck. The previous owner didn’t use treated wood so it is shot. Starting getting into it more and the railings are also starting to rot, so I am taking everything off, re staining the joists and posts and replacing the rest. Have some cedar toned treated boards to replace what was there and going with black aluminum spindles. Going to look great when it’s done but it’s about 1600 bucks I didn’t want to spend.

  • blackandblue182 says:

    Hanging shelf’s in the new house, potty training the new puppy, bush trimming and organize the garage. Not, necessarily, in that order.

  • BrowserSlacker says:

    Installing a ceiling fan, and hopefully blow in insulation and finally be done in my fucking attic.

  • MonarchOfFerrousHand says:

    Finishing my shower renovation. It’s pretty amateurish, just a glue-on surround, but I had to knock out the walls and redo them – the previous owners tiled right onto green board, thank god there was no water damage/mold. Repiped the shower down through the floor and redid the insulation as well. For a dumb kid I think I did alright. All that’s left is gluing up and sealing the surround itself (edit: and fixtures) and touching up the paint above the surround. I’m planning on doing a write-up on it and noting the things I wish I’d done better to post here. All-in-all it went pretty smoothly, unfortunately my cut was a bit off for the shower spout side, so it’s going to end up a hair lower than the other 4 panels, but it’s not terrible. Like ~1/8in, and honestly I’ll just be happy to have a functional shower even if it’s not aesthetically perfect.

  • JDubya2017 says:

    Landscaping – mostly just clearing out weeds and putting down some more mulch. May pull out some flowers that the wind has beaten up and put some new ones in.

    I also want to clean/organize the garage which has been my usual weekend project.

  • adryrm says:

    We poured self leveling concrete in the landing area of our walkout basement today. Hopefully lay the floor and start trimming out the doors. Need to caulk a bunch of new shelving and paint a closet. Maybe start the mounding. All the last steps in our big basement remodel.

    However, husband works the retail appliance business and tomorrow is his Monday, so it’s a crazy work week for him so I’m doing this all solo.

  • always_creative says:

    Just had surgery on my shoulder, so I can’t do much… I’m going to be going through and figuring out which previously DIY jobs I’m going to hire someone to do.

  • sokkerbob39 says:

    Unfortunately I am one of the few chosen ones that must travel for work over this long weekend… was looking forward to working on my bathroom renovation and really gaining some ground as I haven’t been able to get much done lately. On my list this week is grouting the floor tiles, painting, and redoing the casing on the windowframe. Getting close to finishing a complete reno and getting ancy to have the bathroom back!

  • carolpedia says:

    i wish my weekend was going to be filled with some type of HI project – even something like weeding in the 90° florida sun. instead i’m going through bank statements line by line and chasing down deposit slips and agonizing over the discrepancies. IRS audit.

  • physicallyuncomfort says:

    Our ongoing backyard

    https://imgur.com/a/7uquzmP – started in March: fire pit went in yesterday.

  • SteevyT says:

    Probably yardwork. Also printing some more of my MPCNC. I’d really like to start assembling it, but I have two more pieces I need to print.

  • Anthonybkh says:

    Wrapping up this bathroom I’ve been working on.

    Bathroom https://imgur.com/gallery/vlAof2E

  • supershinythings says:

    Yardwork mostly. I am in the process of pruning my curry leaf trees back, but I can only do it when I have people in the office who are receptive – they will only take so many curry leaves a week. But I don’t want to throw the pruned branches away either – they’re grown for their leaves.

    I’m kind of dreading it because I’m a freaking insect magnet and always wind up with a billion bugbites on my legs. I spray with OFF or whatever, it doesn’t seem to matter.

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