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What window brands would you recommend for egress windows?

By October 2, 2019 2 Comments

So after a lot of inner debating, getting quotes and working out my finances, I decided to tackle egress windows myself rather than hire a contractor. With that in mind, I am having a difficult time trying to find which brands are preferred. I have a local Home Depot that I could go with but also have heard good and bad things from windows like Pella. Are there are other brands I should be aware of or others you would recommend? Thank you.

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  • yuckytoast says:

    Marvin windows are top notch. If you’re going with all vinyl, then hayfield windows are damn solid for the price. Anderson are okay too – I think Anderson or Jeld wen have a “factory” casement window that meets egress requirements for about $300.

    If you have a hayfield seller in your area I’d go with them for vinyl though. If you want wood jamb and vinyl or aluminum clad exterior I’d go with Marvin (of available in your area)…

  • centriciti says:

    Check out [Bright Idea Egress](https://brightideaegress.com/), they offer a unique DIY solution utilizing a steel “Exo-Frame” which involves less excavation and a smaller cut-out on your foundation wall, much better for your foundation in the long term. Their egress window kit includes a high quality European style tilt & turn casement window and German hardware, plus a window well manufactured in the US. The windows have multipoint locking for security. For a typical install this solution involves removing much less dirt, to reduce much of the do-it-yourself hassle.

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