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Where can I find the ‘ground’ for my house?

By June 5, 2019 4 Comments


  • Dcxx1981 says:

    NO there is only 1 earth

  • almost_a_troll says:

    Typically it will be near your electrical meter. There can be multiple ground rods, or it might use a buried plate. Grounding systems can be very different depending on your location.

  • Thracka951 says:

    When you step out the front door, look down. It’s generally green, but some areas may be covered in concrete or asphalt. If you’re really having a hard time finding it, you can try an unsupported trust fall.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. You’ll usually find one by your water meter (copper or green jacket) going back to the electric panel. The panel probably has additional lines that run outside and go to buried ground rods. You can usually find them outside next to your electric meter.

    My house has three ground rods (two from the main panel and 1 from the sub panel).

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