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Who do I call?

By October 2, 2019 5 Comments
Who do I call?

Not Ghostbusters.

So my kitchen currently has that awful fluorescent box lighting. Thankfully? The ballast went out and I convinced my husband to upgrade! We’re talking recessed lighting ladies and gents!
I’m not comfortable with this sort of electrical work so I’m trying to figure out who to call.

I reached out to handy man companies and they’ve sent me to electricians who have in-turn sent me to general contractors.
No one has come to my house to see the project and I’ve sent pictures to 1 handyman and 1 electrician.

Who would take out an old light, patch and make the ceiling match and install new canned lights?

I feel like this job is too small for a general contractor and it seems like no electrician wants to touch it and handymen aren’t insured/licensed to do it.

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  • Notevenspecial says:

    Would you have a few photos you might share with us?

  • Sons_of_harvest says:

    You could just replace the fixture with another flush mount light.

  • jehovahs_waitress says:

    I’ve replaced a few if these fixtures, yours is quite small compared to ‘sunshine ceilings’ . The good news is that almost always the fixture is screwed to a finished surface . Repairs are minimal. The bad news is that it will be sparkly clean under there, compared to the test of the ceiling so you’ll have to paint the whole ceiling.

    Any decent handyman or small contractor can do this job or most of it, though I’ll warn you that fishing the wire for rows of recessed lighting can leave some extra holes that need repair or blank covers.

    Your ceilings and I look quite high, you might want to consider some task lighting or fixtures as well as recessed.

  • Wife_Made_Me_Do_It says:

    An electrician handles that, call more than one company. Some electricians won’t do residential and if any of the companies are busy they will put you off which is what this sounds like.

  • jehovahs_waitress says:

    Pendants would be good. You can also get recessed lighting with a small degree of angle that you could direct toward counters.

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