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Who is your go-to for reviews if you don’t have a word of mouth recommendation?

By August 16, 2019 10 Comments

I really don’t trust HomeAdvisor or Yelp. Google reviews seem to be pretty inflated usually. AngiesList looks pretty solid. But wondering if anyone has some review sites that they trust? It’s so hard finding reputable contractors if you don’t know someone already. Sites that I’ve looked at:



Angies List


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  • stephenclarkg says:

    Google, facebook, facebook groups, town reddit page. Stay away from angies list and homeadvisor heavily biased

  • bigtinymicromacro says:

    I try my best to look at as many review sites as possible. I go through the reviews and look to see if any look like obvious shill reviews, these are usually not that hard to spot because people tend to be overly gushy in these reviews. I also try to filter out bad reviews by obvious competitors.

  • mach5823 says:

    i keep an angie’s list membership for just this thing. at $4 per year, its well worth it when you dont have any recommendations for something.

  • work_300 says:

    I’ve had success finding people through Nextdoor.

  • viper8472 says:

    You have more than one contractor willing to do the work? Nice.

    I’m dying because no one will take the job unless it’s a full remodel. I just want some electrical and structural work. :-/

    Good luck!

  • javaavril says:

    I really like thumbtack, you post what you want done and tradespeople can bid on the job. All the reviews are posted by verified customers.


    Sometimes the old-fashioned phone book can be surprisingly good

  • russlmnop says:

    Review sites are advertising paid for by contractors. Usually the contractor gets little to nothing good from them. The client definitely doesn’t get any real benefit. Skip it entirely and go to the local building supply store and ask the people at the contractors desk who they know. Nextdoor app is maybe helpful because you are talking to real people in your area.

  • lochnessie15 says:

    I’ve found most of my contractors through my community Facebook group. This group has about 20k people in it, so it’s really active, and inevitably people have asked for recommendations multiple times. I search the group and find the common recommendations in the past few comment threads.

    Otherwise, my old mortgage broker keeps a list that he emails out regularly to his clients. I’ve also used realtor recommendations.

  • decaturbob says:

    talk with people at the bigbox store commercial sales counters, or if need a specific contractor like an electrician, talk with a electrical parts supplier. People who deal with contractors every day usually have a read on the good ones.

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