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Why is my furnace filter not catching anything?

By August 20, 2019 5 Comments

We’ve lived in this house for a few years now, and it came with a bryant plus 80t furnace. We’ve had an HVAC guy over a few times to service it and he suggested we start using EZ flow 16 x 25 x 1″ filters for more airflow. They’re green and from Home Depot. We’ve been doing that and changing the filter every two months but every time we take it out, there doesn’t appear to be any dust on it. This makes me wonder if we’re using it properly, because something I think is weird is when we put the filter in, we slide it into the compartment, where it rests on the bottom. When the furnace turns on though, it sucks it upwards to create more of a seal. Sometimes, after the furnace turns off, I can hear the filter drop back down again. Is this normal?

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